Are you considering a change to your floor design? Here are some Parkland Flooring tile and marble options that may interest you for your next home remodel project by Lyon Tile Installation.

Mosaic tile flooring is one of the most loved types because of the high level of creativity that you can use in having them in your home. They can be laid in a pattern or randomly. You can arrange them to form a picture or you can rely on the colors to create a figure. There is great freedom in the usage of mosaic tiles and most people who hire artists to design their home opt to use these as their medium. You can do the mosaic picture on your own by putting together pieces of tiles together or you can buy the pre-arranged mosaic tiles and lay the sheet on the floor.

Terracotta tile flooring is a classic type of parkland flooring used in previous centuries and in many countries. They are usually unglazed and sealed and they evoke a certain time period and nostalgia in them. They come in different shapes and sizes, so consult with your tile flooring expert on its tile installation as well.

Ceramic floor tile is an alternative to other types of flooring such as the ones that use stones. They are cheaper and easier to maintain. There are a lot of shapes and designs that can be your inspiration in creating a whole new look for your room. It is used by a lot of people in their bathrooms and kitchens because it is quick to clean with just a few wipes.

Glass tiles are widely available in the market with so many colors and designs as well as textures. They have the matte finish, frosted, shiny, see-through, opaque, clear, plain and with other etchings. They may be simple to look at but their clean lines bring a sophisticated look to a space. If you are cost-cutting, you may even want to look at recycled glass tile flooring.

Porcelain parkland flooring is considered as the most luxurious and most expensive type in the market. These are produced by using high pressure to compact dust and have a hard and durable resulting product. It is very dense and heavy, and it does not require any form of glazing before use. Porcelain can be used to copy the finish or look of other types such as stone and bricks so for many interior designers, it is a very flexible material in terms of design. Buy them pre-cut to your requirements because they need a diamond wheel for cutting.

Metal tiles are either stainless steel or industrial grating, but some homeowners use a combination of both. They are not used much in home construction but more in industrial spaces. They are quite expensive and tile installation is a little more complicated, but the aesthetics that it produces are extraordinary.

Choose a type of tile flooring that suits your home design and your budget. There are many options on the market and a professional flooring expert can help you make the best choice for your home.

For your next tile flooring job, it is always best to work with a Parkland Flooring tile professional. To learn more about tile flooring designs and installation call today.

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